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Our litigation firm is ready to go to bat for you.  This means you have attorneys who care and are on your side. We know that the outcome of your case will affect you and your loved ones for years to come and we take our role in shaping that future very seriously. As a result, we prepare your case by thoroughly examining and considering the evidence from every possible angle.  We make sure that your interest are put first, so that we remain in the driver's seat.  Though outcomes are not guaranteed, we will work hard to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your particular case. Contact us at for a free consultation.

The services we offer include the probating of wills, appointment of administrators, seeking court orders, locating and securing assets, obtaining appraisal of assets, negotiation and satisfaction of debts secured through the probate of wills, and distribution of assets. In addition to serving as the attorney for estates, I have frequently served as the executor or administrator to provide the estate with a neutral and professional administration that avoids delays and family conflicts. Contact us at for a free consultation.



Robert L. Moshman Esq. LLC provides legal representation in transactional and litigation matters related to property acquisition, financing, and development. Mr. Moshman and his staff have a deep knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with real estate matters. He can handle matters involving tax, lease, financing, purchase and sale transactions, all with a special understanding of local requirements.  He offers legal services on both residential and commercial property matters conducting transactions on behalf of buyers, sellers and brokers in such matters.  Contact us at for a free consultation.

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